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Wide Pleat Wrap Skirt | Cotton & Curls

Wrap skirts are great! Easy to pop on (and you can fasten it to any length!). Don’t let the pleats on this skirt scare you away from trying to create this pretty piece - it’s all about pinning, pinning, pinning! This tutorial uses buttons to fasten the skirt, but there’s nothing stopping you from extending the waistband so you can tie the skirt closed.



The process of making look #5 from Christian Dior haute couture s/s 2011 [x]

This is mesmerizing. 


Pussy Bow Tie | The New Craft Society via Liberty Blog

This is a really simple sewing project that will give any outfit a real pop of vintage colour! The best thing is, you can also use this tie in your hair if you want, or to wrap around a bag handle or as a belt.

(via arainbowcupcake)


DIY Bow Cushion - Sew 4 Home

This is simpler than it looks to create, really pretty too.


DIY Foldover Tote - Me Sew Crazy

Easy, simple and practical tutorial, a good beginners sewing project.


Scrap Map Wall Hanging - Sew Kate Sew

What a lovely way to use up scrap fabric, relatively simple, too.


Behold my costume in all its glory.  This dress is the first dress I’ve ever made from scratch, the first lined garment I’ve ever made, and the first garment I’ve made from a pattern (although I made up the skirt because I didn’t have nearly enough fabric).  It’s also the first dress I’ve ever made out of a curtain.  At first it felt funny to tell people I was wearing a curtain, but then I thought of all the precedents set by others (Gone with the Wind, Enchanted, Sound of Music).  Altogether the whole costume cost less than $8. 

Cost Breakdown:

Dress pattern: $1

Thrifted curtain: $1

Tights: $2.50

Thrifted shoes: $2.50

Necklace ribbon: $0.80


DIY Easy Shirred Scarf Tutorial from This Blog Is Not For You here. Beyond easy tutorial for lightweight summer scarves or material.

"Pink Ribbon" Sweater

October is national Breast Cancer Awareness month. In honor of this, I wanted to do a little “pink ribbon” project myself. I had a light pink sweater purchased for $3 at a local thrift store and 2.5 yards of pink silk ribbon. I carefully laid out the ribbon in a bow shape, pinned it down, and carefully stitched it in place. With a little patience, anyone can sew together this cute idea!

Handmade Bat Infinity Scarf

I made a stamp out of a scarp piece of wood and sticky back foam, (tediously) painted and stamped all the bats, sewed the chiffon into one long strip, and voilà! I can’t wait to wear it this Fall!


DIY Distressed Remnant Leather Bag Tutorial from Sincerely Kinsey here. I was hesitant to post this because I don’t post DIYs just because they are pretty. I post them because they are doable with good instructions (if you don’t see something on my blog it’s because I don’t like it, it’s been done by someone else before, or I’m not sure it’s doable). I’m not sure my heavy duty old fashioned Singer sewing machine could sew through this kind of leather and people in the comments section are all asking what kind of machine she used and what kind of needle. Well I can answer the needle question: the needle you need should be a heavy duty one - the type you buy will say you can sew denim, leather, etc… with it.